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LIDA Prefabricated house is made of light steel as steel structure and sandwich panels for wall and roof. The sandwich panels can be polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool and fiber glass sandwich panels for insulation. As a standardized construction product, it has below main features: Dry installation, no construction garbage caused; Environment protective materials adopted, repeated use and low cost; Flexible size and easy to assemble and disassemble with elegant appearance; Safe and durable. It is suitable for temporary buildings such as dormitory, canteen, recreation room, washing...

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Saudi Arabia MOI Medical compound porta cabin labor camp project
This Prefa house building labor camp located in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, which is supplied by Lida Group more>>
Saudi Binladin Group Prefabricated House Labor Camp Project
This Prefabricated house labor camp in Saudi Arabia is supplied by Lida Group for Saudi Binladen more>>
Saudi Arabia Binladin Group Dammam Labor camp in October, 2015
Regarding the building, we also use square tube as main column of the building. Because they want more>>
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2、Install  the Column

3、Install the Beam and Purlin

4、Install the Roof and Wall Panel



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