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2017China Steel Structure Development Summit Forum consensus
Author:    Adddate:2017-03-24

In the February 20 just ended "2017 China Steel Structure Development Summit", 25 Chinese Academy of Engineering, 16 relevant national ministries and associations led, 35 domestic top technical experts, 20 entrepreneurs and some industry representatives Media representatives gathered in Beijing to discuss China's steel structure and assembly of the future development of the road. After discussion, the formation of consensus

In 2016, the State Council promulgated the Guidance on the Development of Fabricated Buildings. The Ministry of Transport issued the Guidance on Accelerating the Application of Steel Structures in Highway Construction, as well as the corresponding implementation plans for various provinces and cities. Structure and assembly of the building atmosphere has been formed in the country, can be expected for some time in the future, assembly of steel structure and steel structure bridge will be leapfrog development.

In view of China's steel structure and assembly of large-scale development of the rare opportunities and outstanding bottlenecks, the Chinese Academy of Engineering have carried out the "steel structure of residential industry consulting research", "high-performance sustainable structural engineering development strategy research", "urban and rural residential buildings New structure and its industrialization "and a number of consulting research projects, with a view to put forward the corresponding countermeasures and solutions. In the critical moment of the development of steel structure and assembly building, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Department of Civil, Water and Architecture and the Chinese steel structure association related academician, experts, entrepreneurs and government leaders, held in Beijing on February 18, 2017 "2017 China's steel structure development summit ", after discussion, the formation of consensus as follows:


Ideas and Measures for Developing Fabricated Steel Structures

     The State Council "on the development of assembly-oriented construction of the guidance" put forward "to strive to use 10 years or so, so that the assembly of new buildings accounted for 30% of the proportion of" target, assembled steel structure and composite structure as the most conducive to the development The main structure of the assembly structure, for the proportion of assembly-building ratio of 1/3, so that the proportion of assembly-type steel residential buildings from the current less than 1% to 10%.

However, at present, there are urgent problems in the development of assembly-type steel structure construction, especially residential building, for the system, parts, and industrialization. To this end, the following proposals are put forward:

1. The establishment of steel structure building system certification system and the results of the transformation platform. The existing assembly-type steel structure, especially the steel structure of the housing system to sort out and assessment by the government and industry associations for certification authority, and issued a certification mark, for the certification system, according to the results of the transfer of the country to promote the application.

2. The establishment of assembly-type steel structure of the building parts certification system and product distribution network. For the existing assembly of building parts, including general steel components, prefabricated enclosure components, anti-seismic components, the overall kitchen and toilet, water and electricity piping systems, protection system by the government and industry associations for certification authority, and issued a certification mark, Into the national assembly-type construction parts parts network, to achieve online distribution services.

3. Compile group standards and charts with coercive national standards. On the basis of the existing national standards, combined with the characteristics of assembly-type steel structure, organized by the industry associations and mandatory national standards supporting the series of community standards and Atlas to meet the development of assembly-type steel structure market demand.

4. The establishment of China's steel structure development fund reward design and innovative talents. Based on the experience of developed countries, the China Steel Structure Association, Rizhao Iron & Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd., China Metallurgical Building Research Institute Co., Ltd., Chongqing University, Tsinghua University and other units initiated the establishment of "China Steel Structure Development Fund", focusing on incentives and funding Steel structure development to make outstanding contributions to the individual and team, especially the designers, researchers, college teachers and students, steel masters and steel craftsmen, etc., to promote the construction of sustainable steel structure.


Thoughts and Measures of Developing Steel Structure and Composite Structure Bridge

Compared with the developed countries, China's steel structure and the combination of the application of the bridge is not high proportion, especially in small and medium span bridges, steel and composite structure of the bridge accounted for less than 1%. To this end, the Ministry of Transport and other departments to vigorously promote the construction of steel and composite structure bridge, put forward "to 'thirteen five' period, the highway industry steel bridge design, manufacturing, construction, conservation technology is mature, technical standards system is complete, professional The team and technical equipment to meet the needs of the construction of steel bridge construction.New large span, large span bridge to steel structure, the new construction of other bridge steel structure significantly increased. "The overall goal.

However, China's current steel structure bridge has been exposed to the use of steel is too large, high cost, on-site weld volume is too high, the connection structure is complex, the site construction is too difficult, construction maintenance costs are high, lack of durability and a series of problems, It is necessary to analyze the causes in depth and concentrate on breaking the mechanism and key technical problems that restrict the application of steel bridges in China. To this end, the following initiatives are proposed:

1. Establish a coordination mechanism for the promotion of steel structures and bridge structures at the national level. The establishment of the Ministry of Transport led by the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Industry, the railway company and the relevant industry associations to participate in the steel structure and composite structure of the bridge to promote the use of work coordination mechanism to coordinate the organization and steel structure and bridge structure-related scientific and technological research, Standard development, policy guidance and demonstration project construction, and comprehensively enhance the technical level and application level of steel structure and composite structure bridge in China.

2. The formation of standardized steel structure and composite structure of the bridge system and the establishment of certification system. Long-span bridge is preferred to use steel structure or composite structure system, the large-scale wide-span bridge is preferred to use the composite structure system. For the mature system by the government and industry associations for certification authority, and through the standard Atlas way to promote the application, and strive to 2020, China's new bridge in the steel structure and the proportion of bridge structure of not less than 10%.

3. To improve the bridge structure of the demonstration and decision-making mechanism, to step up the "design - construction - maintenance" integrated general contracting. The implementation of the real consultancy system, to strengthen the scientific structure of the bridge structure of the demonstration, to achieve the bridge structure of the "optimal design." By accelerating the construction of the advanced system such as "design-construction-maintenance" general contracting, it is possible to make the comprehensive performance comparison of the whole life cycle bridge structure scheme of the program stage, and create a "fair" competitive environment for the steel structure and the composite structure bridge.

4. Strengthen the steel structure and composite structure of the original bridge technology innovation, the establishment of new ideas, new results, new technology conversion application incentive protection mechanism. The technological innovation of steel structure and composite structure bridge should give full play to its unique advantages, overcome its inherent defects as the core goal, establish the incentive mechanism of innovation achievement transformation, so as to promote the continuous innovation of steel structure bridge technology, improve the project quality and reduce the energy consumption And engineering costs, to speed up the construction speed.