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Discussion on the "Housing" to the haze - steel structure into a "fog" urgent
Author:    Adddate:2017-02-11

Recently, the country appeared a wide range of "haze" days, spread over half of the country. Severe pollution in 71 cities, multiple cities PM2.5 index "burst table", and even more broken index, China has experienced this year, the widest range, the longest duration, the intensity of the strongest haze weather process.

"Haze" where to come from, how to be effectively resolved to become from the state to the ministries, as well as the industry to discuss the topic.

The main chemical components of PM2.5 in the atmosphere include: organic matter, elemental carbon, nitrate, sulfate, ammonium salt, chloride, trace elements and so on. According to the analysis of PM2.5 source pollution in Beijing, the contribution of PM2.5 to local pollution sources was 31.1%, 22.4%, 18.1% and 14.3% respectively. A set of data clearly shows the truth.

Therefore, such as motor vehicles odd and even number limit line, stop production of pollution sources, construction sites to become a fog haze when the suspension of a variety of emergency measures.

steel structure

However, the construction industry to seek transformation and upgrading, green low-carbon, energy-saving emission reduction urgent. "Hangzhou CPPCC member Fang Hongqiang said that as an important representative of green building steel structure Building, can effectively deal with energy conservation, land, water, materials and protection of the relationship between the environment for the PM2.5 "blocking war" full power.

It is understood that, since the "Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan Implementation Measures (Trial) Implementation Rules" since the promulgation of a number of domestic cities have introduced the relevant documents on the site dust collection fees. Some analysts have pointed out that the construction industry in the transformation and upgrading dust "big tiger", help to promote the construction industry to abandon the "gray house" extensive mode of production to the "green house" transformation.

First of all, steel construction in the construction of the building materials required for building materials are less than the traditional building, can effectively reduce carbon emissions by 35%; Secondly, significantly reduce the cement, sand and other non-renewable resource consumption, and save about 30% material. Furthermore, the assembly of steel structure construction and integration of decoration, the overall construction to reduce dust pollution and reduce construction waste emissions. In the weather such as haze, the parts can continue to be manufactured at the factory, and the whole project can be done indoors, the work of the factory, the work of the site, the high-altitude thing, the dangerous thing, the machine or the robot, waste of resource pollution Environmental things do not do.

Not only does not affect the ecological environment, but also rapid construction and construction, steel construction enterprises earn enough face. And such a building, has begun to take shape across the country. For example, a steel structure company as the first steel structure housing industrial base, relying on independent research and development of "steel tube bundle structure of residential system", through the technology licensing business model first, now with 18 provinces and autonomous regions of the country 38 Enterprises to achieve "strategic cooperation", and collaborative upstream and downstream industry chain to block haze.

Industry analysts pointed out that with the provinces and cities to implement air pollution control regulations, and the supply side of structural reform, eliminate backward production capacity, strengthen energy conservation and construction of ecological civilization and a series of policies to promote, with the relevant enterprise technology, management innovation, Steel structure building rapid development and development, so that "home to haze" has become a viable option.