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Why Lida LGS Villas’ high performance against earthquakes?
Author:    Adddate:2015-08-10

LIDA Group LGS Villas are both very durable and light. This feature enables cost efficient construction of earthquake resistant buildings.

LIDA Group LGS Villas

•All characteristics of structural steel are known, consistent and well understood in terms of engineering. This makes steel frame constructions’ behaviours more dependable than others.

•Structural steel shows an unchanging reaction against repeated loads within the non-elastic boundary. This ductility or ability to resist repeating loads without breaking apart enables steel frame buildings to resist horizontal or vertical design loads with great deformations.

•As connections of simple or semi-rigid steel members are rotatable and ductile, they reduce the dynamic energy and ensure that steel frame carrying the vertical loads support dependably and strongly the main system that resists horizontal forces. This support system prevents the collapse of the buildings of which the main system is not designed or works properly.

LIDA Group LGS Villas

•LIDA Group LGS villa are less sensitive to design and construction errors than other buildings made of brittle materials such as concrete. Additionally, there is almost no risk of error on the steel frame members that are manufactured and controlled at factory and that can be assembled very easily. For instance, errors such as wrong mounting of vertical reinforcements, unconnected stirrups or big spacing between them, etc. which are irrelevant to steel frame buildings, cause collapse of many reinforced concrete buildings.

•In contrast to the severely damaged reinforced concrete frame and loadbearing buildings, damaged members of the steel frame buildings can be repaired or changed economically in a short time without requiring any large scale demolishing or disassembly.

•As the number of fabricated parts has increased with the modern manufacturing machinery, quality control has increased and performance became more trustworthy.

•Thanks to their high resistance against earthquakes, advanced fabrication possibilities and auxiliary material features, steel frame buildings can even be built on the most earthquake prone regions by taking some simple specific measures.

LIDA Group LGS Villas

•Furthermore, LIDA  Group LGS villas among the other buildings constructed in line with the older standards with fewer sanctions survived very severe earthquakes with the smallest damages, while buildings made of other materials collapsed totally or became unusable due to great damages.