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Jiangsu Suzhong Construction Group Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Suzhong Construction Group Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu Province Su Construction Group Co., Ltd. was established in February 1949, December 1998 established the norms of shares of the company, in June 2005 restructuring to become independent, self-financing private enterprises.

National Construction Company is the general contractor of construction of the first houses premium quality business, with contracted foreign rights to industrial and civil based, architectural design, equipment installation, decoration, municipal engineering, fire engineering and overseas engineering business in one , with the construction of the city's comprehensive general contracting capacity building, large public facilities, high-rise, large industrial plants and other projects.

Companies registered capital of 321 million yuan, turnover of 35.12 billion yuan in 2013, overall labor productivity of 460,000 yuan / person.

The company's existing staff of 66,801, engineering and economic management personnel with the title of 9328, including senior officers 245, intermediate grade 1350; construction division 301 (National Excellent Project Manager 36, Jiangsu Province outstanding projects manager 100), two construction division 421. Lida Group, as the Soviet Union in Jiangsu Construction Group partner to provide steel structure, activities board products, has reached a long-term relationship.

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